Starting a Local Chapter

March 22, 2022

Why Start a Local Chapter?

In today's world, it's more important than ever to stand up for freedom and stand against government-mandated discrimination.

Because every state and local government is different, the fight against medical mandates and government overreach is a local one.

Starting a local chapter is a great way to meet and unite like-minded people in your community and to spread our anti-discrimination, pro-freedom movement.

How to Create a Volunteer Chapter

1. Reach out to a Project Stand Together volunteer coordinator to express interest in creating a local volunteer chapter in your area. The volunteer leader must reside in the area where the chapter is located and must be able to host regular (every two weeks) events with the chapter. Events include canvassing, sit-ins, dinners, books clubs, Zoom socials, and really anything that brings people together. 

2. Project Stand Together will schedule a Zoom call with you to go over the following process, as well as the duties and responsibilities of the chapter leader. If you’re still interested, we will move forward with sending you signs (if we have the funds to do so). 

3. We will form a Telegram group for your area where you will be an admin. The leader, as well as Project Stand Together, will promote the group. 

4. We will send the leader some guidelines and resources. 

5. The leader coordinates a day, time and location for canvassing and other events at least one week in advance. 

For canvassing - The leader also finds all relevant local ordinances and establishes a team with at least one more person to go canvassing. This other person will be in charge of taking notes on a spreadsheet of how each business reacts.

6. Project Stand Together shares events on its newsletter, website and social media. 

Types of Events




Planning Canvassing and Sit-In Events 

1. Before canvassing events and sit-ins, the volunteer coordinator will host a Zoom meeting with the entire chapter to answer any questions. She will also walk them through the process and provide them with resources. 

2. Canvassing events or socials should be held before any sit-ins are planned. 

3. The group hosts its first event and reports back to the volunteer coordinators. 

4. The group plans the next event while coordinating to follow up with businesses from the last event if needed. 

5. If the group wants to plan a sit-in, they should exchange phone numbers IN PERSON while canvassing or at a social. Sit-ins should be planned and coordinated through personal texts, group chats or in-person meetings, NOT on the main Telegram channel. 

6. Subsequent canvassing and sit-in events should take place in different parts of the city. 

Ready to get started? Check if your area already has a local chapter. If not, email us at hello@projectstandtogether to get things moving.

For a PDF presentation on how to start a local chapter, click here.