StandTogether against vaccine mandates

We stand against unjust mandates, tyranny and segregation. We stand for freedom.

Stand with us. If we want to see change, we must #StandTogether.

About Us

Project Stand Together is a grassroots movement to end medical discrimination in the United States and to return the country to its roots of freedom. 

While our focus is to make all COVID-19 vaccine mandates illegal in the United States, our long-term goal is to ensure that every citizen is empowered and free to make their own medical decisions. 


Push back against government overreach.

Hundreds of business have placed our sign of non-compliance on their storefront. They are standing up and standing together for freedom and against tyrannical and discriminatory mandates.

Support businesses that support your freedom. Find them on our business directory today.

We are building a community of liberty-loving Americans willing to stand for what they believe in.

As mandates temporarily fall, it is more important than ever to be proactive and to form connections now so that we can stay strong in this ever-going fight for freedom. Find your local chapter here or email us to start your chapter in your area.

Our movement began with our founder, Ari Hasanaj, canvassing local businesses in New York City, asking them to put up these signs of non-discrimination and peaceful non-compliance. 

We now have volunteers in major cities across the country canvassing their communities, asking businesses to #StandTogether against these unjust mandates. 

Additionally, businesses and individuals can also purchase these signs or print them for free to put on their own storefronts. The signs are also available for free pick-up at select pick-up locations.

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We host 1960s-style sit-ins across the country at restaurants that impose vaccine mandates on their customers.

Sit-ins are a disruptive, yet peaceful form of civil disobedience that show pro-mandate establishments at least what their actions are costing them financially, if not what it's costing them morally and in the eyes of history.

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Our donations directly aid the businesses in our directory, our volunteer events, our sign production and shipping, and our digital efforts to increase awareness of Project Stand Together. Donations are our main resource that help spread the movement of peaceful non-compliance across the country. 

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A message from Ari

Project StandTogether is standing on the front lines fighting for the rights of the American people. Vaccine mandates are counterproductive, biased and frustrating for citizens who don't feel comfortable getting the vaccine for one reason or another.

We believe that discrimination against non-vaccinated individuals is unconstitutional.​

There is power in numbers. If we want to see change, we must StandTogether and remain united on our quest to fight these mandates.


Arijan Hasanaj